I-Skool awards at BASE Milan by Ian Berry


Ian Berry attended the award ceremony for the 2017 I-Skool awards in Milan this week. As someone interested in education and inspiring younger generations it is a perfect event where Isko and leading brands in the denim industry support an educational program - one that encourages over 60,000 entrants to enter the award where the winners will present their creativity at a catwalk, this time in Milan at an amazing industrial space at BASE.

Students from all over the world and some of the leading education establishments from every corner of the globe like Parsons, AMFI, UAL, FIDM, NABA and Polimoda to name but a few. As always the standard was high and put on to a level of a professional fashion show. This is a greatchance for the students to get right in front of some of the industries most important and most well trained eyes.

For many it would be a dream to get in front of Adriano Goldschmied and catch his eye. As the head judge his jury picked Massimiliano Mucciarelli as the worthy winner of the Best Seller Award.

The brief this year was on Genderful - celebrating the erosion of the old stereotypes with the new and inclusive ways to conceive of the multiplicity of modes of self expression. A nice little touch with the models all wearing masks often disguising their own gender.

The ISKO I-SKOOL™ Denim Design Award however is much more than a simple competition: it is a structured training program meant to motivate youth to learn everything they can about the art of denim and gain experience through a number of workshops and denim seminars that take place in the inspiring CREATIVE ROOM™, ISKO™ style and design center located in Italy.

With a keen eye on sustainability, especially with key supporters like Tonello and Lenzing this important message is starting to take hold. The Marketing Award really highlighted this with a brief to convince consumers to choose denim that has been produced with sustainable methods. It didnt end there as the Responsible Innovation Award, was given to the student with the most sustainable garment, which was Morine Uramoto.

A brilliant award and event that is important for the whole future of the industry and a great way to give back. So a big well done to all involved.


One of Ian's personal favourites


We couldn't but feel that this reminded us of Ian in the studio when he had found the jeans to work with.

The winners

Winner of the Best Seller Award

Massimiliano Mucciarelli from (Iuav Design della moda)
awarded by Adriano Goldschmied

Winner of the Responsible Innovation Award

Morine Uramoto from 文化服装学院(Bunka Fashion College),
awarded by Tricia Betz Carey ( Lenzing AG)

Winner of the Marketing Award

Team led by Sara Giordano with Victoria Kozyreva
from (POLIMODA) awarded by Diana Profir (ITEMA)

Winner of the SWAROVSKI Award

Giulia Masciangelo from NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti,
awarded by Claudio Marcolli.


Denimu is Dead by Ian Berry


After over a decade working with denim, Ian Berry is dropping the Denimu name. Made up for many reasons, including Ian thinking he may do more street work, not wanting his work to be about him, but also sharing the name with Magnum Photojournalist, Ian Berry

The next decade will see a new phase in Ian Berry's work, a new maturity, so you will only find him going by his given name. It also celebrates the new website, dropping denimu.com that served him so well for ianberry.london after his move back to the city.

Ian Berry. Formerly known as Denimu.

Al Jazeera feature Ian Berry by Ian Berry

Al Jazeera's AJ + came to Ian's East London studio and filmed for their English and Arabic speaking channels and over facebook have 1.3 million views combined and counting. Thanks to the wonderful Shira Pinson for the filmography.

Eunice Olumide Portrait by Ian Berry by Ian Berry

Ian Berry has made a portrait of super model of Eunice Olumide for the Exhibition 'Switch', apart of the Switch event at Fabric, where Vivanne Westwood presents a night for the charity Fuel Poverty Action.

Fuel Poverty Action is grassroots campaign taking action against mammoth fuel bills and working towards an affordable, sustainable and democratic energy system. Eunice is very much a campaigner for this and was behind this event.

The exhibition is in collaboration with GCU and The Body Shop and can be found at the Clerkenwell London.


SWITCH at Fabric

6 January 2017

There is one truly political act you can make as an individual or a group - Switch to GREEN ENERGY. Stop the demand for burning fossil fuels and further fracking and make choices that stop climate change.

These are the messages that activist and British icon Vivienne Westwood will be giving to an audience of 900 people at the iconic nightspot, Fabric.

Taking place on Monday 20th February from 19:00 to midnight during London Fashion Week, the event follows the successful Climate Revolution event held last September at The Box nightclub, London, and is a continuation of the activist’s ongoing movement opposing the current political, economic and social dogma.

The night will be a celebration of culture and conscious environmental activism, speakers on the night include Vivienne Westwood, James Jagger (Project Zero) and green energy supplier, Ecotricity’s founder, Dale Vince. To get the party started will be an exclusive DJ set by ‘A Guy Called Gerald’ and other special guest DJ’s.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, says “We can solve fuel poverty if we invest in renewable energy as a country and harness our indigenous and 'free' energy supplies”.

Vivienne adds “Importantly, the Big 6 energy companies – most of whom are anti-environment and anti-life - will be delivered a fatal blow, with more and more people switching to green energy suppliers”.

A percentage will be donated to Fuel Poverty Action: http://www.fuelpovertyaction.org.uk.

Ian Berry to be seen on social media around the World by Ian Berry

I think we are just finding for ourselves the power of social media. Normally just getting our head down and getting the work done. Possibly sometimes with more of a view on the mainstream big name media we now see what can happen with facebook and the like. With Bored Panda's post over two of their sites reaching 10 million views (yes, 10,000,000) we look here at just some of the others ones - mainly specifically geared to countries or languages but just the ones here have combined well over a million views.

Now back to work

Here in Italian Guard Che Video posted this clip about Ian's work with going on to 125k views

Spanish language Circo Viral reached 50,000 views 

And it even reached India, here with the International Business Times

to add to these

Going on half a million saw French language Pause Cafein see this video on Ian Berry

Over 45,000 views on Go Creative

Higher Perspective's post reached 300,000 views and had much positive comments.

and Over 200,000 saw Radio Lebanon's post along with many others

Calmzine Cover for Calm by Ian Berry

Did you get on the cover of Calmzine? Ian Berry as an Ambassador of Calm collaborated with them to make their current magazine. At the Being a Man Festival at the South Bank Centre in London he made a life size magazine cover for attendees to stand in front of and have their picture taken - for the chance to go on the cover - The Being a Man Issue. They got so many that they decided to go for four of them. You can pick them up all over the country, but many outlets in London - especially at the Topman stores.

Inside you will find an interview with Ian, along with Professor Green, more about the Torch Songs with The Vaccines and Years and Years and all about the 'future man'.

Professor Green on one of the covers of Calmzine

Professor Green on one of the covers of Calmzine

Ian Berry will work to support CALM - A charity very close to his heart. He has seen the charity grow from the early days into the success it is now. A charity that has brought so much attention to its major cause.

THE CAMPAIGN AGAINST LIVING MISERABLY, or CALM, is a registered charity, which exists to prevent male suicide in the UK.   In 2014, male suicide accounts for 76% of all suicides and is the single biggest cause of death in men under 45 in the UK. 

See the article here

See the article here

Ian Berry campaigns to save the Bacon in Huddersfield by Ian Berry

Francis Bacon Figure Study 2

Francis Bacon Figure Study 2

Ian was asked to join the debate by the Huddersfield Examiner about the councils proposed sale of Francis Bacon's Figure Study 2 which had been donated to the Council but is expensive to insure.

Luckily, as he had followed the debate, and also its not the first time it has been spoken about, he had an opinion. Too much so and ended up sending an essay in response. You can read it here

Ian actually got many positive responses about his view on protecting the piece, as well as what it represents about how we treat culture n a wider context. One warm review came from the Contemporary Arts Society themselves


Ian talks about how regional towns need to have culture and to be able to share it around the country to help inspire other people, especially children. He goes on to discus the soft power that culture represents and the negative impact a possible sale would have on the town. To read the extended version click here


It was a success! the Contemporary Art Society slapped the council down and pointed out that if they tried to sell, ownership would revert to them and they would give it another Institution. Good news!

Heritage Post Features Ian Berry by Ian Berry

Ian Berry is featured in this months Heritage Post the magazine for men's lifestyle. It's always great to be in a magazine, even better to be in ones we read! A big thank you to the magazine and Stefanie Kobayashi and Joachim Kurz there. Ian has been featured in many magazines around the world, but this one is one of the best designed features so far, so, we are proud to share this one here. 

The article leaves you with this conclusion.

'Clearly, Ian Berry is an artist with a great future ahead of him – simply because he is aware of the values of the past and the fleeting nature of our lives, always managing to allow this knowledge to flow into his art.'