Ian Berry X New York Denim Days by Ian Berry

credit | Lisa Kato

credit | Lisa Kato

Ian was asked to show his work at the inaugural New York Denim Days. It was a great event full of all things denim, and Ian's work was the welcome exhibit into this denim land within the heart on Manhattan. It was a great chance for many in the industry and those who love denim who have seen Ian's work online or in print for years, to see a real thing. The most common comment was how different it looked to how they had perceived.

In deed, Denimology wrote 'in “real” life this British artist is just amazing' and this is from someone who has written a few articles already on Ian without seeing it in person. Sportswear International who have also covered Ian's work a lot over the years said the event was 'showing the incredible life-like “paintings” he creates entirely from denim scraps'. Journalist Christopher Blomquist had seen a piece by Ian, also in New York three years previous with the Debbie Harry commission.

ian Berry New Yok Denim Days

Ian enjoyed the fair a lot and the interaction both with other exhibitors, the denim industry and also the public. It was great to show a 'art gallery' outside of an art gallery. Ian has been asked to write some reviews on some denim blogs so for now, we'll leave it there until those are published.

We look forward to the next denim days!

Denim Days Ian Berry 2017

Book | Creative Extremes by Ian Berry

Creative Extremes by Topp

Creative Extremes by Topp

Ian Berry is included in the book CREATIVE EXTREMES | The worlds most creative projects. Featuring many artists that push their work to the extreme Ian is included for his work of how he has pushed the idea of working with denim, to the crazy extreme!

Even if Ian wasn't in, this would certainly be a book that we'd be buying. The talent in there is incredible and they say:

"Extremely large, extremely small, an extreme amount or extremely colorful: in this illustrated book you will discover the most creative and incredible DIY-projects the world has to offer. Here, the most inventive artists showcase what kind of ingenious creations can be designed with wood, paper, concrete, plastics, wool and more - with a little patience, creativity and, foremost, passion!

Every page is a piece of art in its own right, and the large-format pictures will amaze you. Short portraits allow you to discover which creative soul is behind the piece of art. This book is a creative collection to read and look at, to show around and share, to browse and to experience a sense of amazement. Spectacular, fascinating and breathtaking!"

You can get the book here

Ian Berry, Textile Artist. by Ian Berry


Now, we are not one to believe in labels, and many textile artists should really just call them artists on many occasions. But after over a decade of working with denim, the Textile art world over the last few years are starting to take note of Ian's work using denim. It's a textile after all.

He may not stitch, sew and they are no quilts. However many of the skills are the same and with viewing them, many in textile art have been amazed by his skills in manipulating the layers of fabric to become almost photo-realistic pieces.

Over the last number of years Ian has been invited to show in many contexts in the fiber and textile art genres and after initially declining to focus on his gallery shows, he also found himself saying

'I want more people to see the real work'

So, the seeds were sewn and with some persuasion, over the years, he agreed to a number of shows. Many which attract tens of thousands of people. And not one to ever do anything by halves, he put on a show, one with installations and some of his best work (often loaned back by clients)


First up was Quilt en Sud in Biarritz in the south of France with the one of the organisers, Christine Lacroix being the driving influence to his appearance. We cannot thank her enough for her organising (we tested her a little) as well as the rest of the team who were so warm, kind and friendly. For Ian it was great to meet so many people who work with Textiles to see his work, and to get so many amazing comments. It was also good to meet and make friends with other artists, like Sheila Frampton Cooper, Françoise Tellier-Loumagne, Francine Flattard and Claudia Pfeil

Ian received great reviews from both the public and the press from his appearance in the South of France. Here Les Novelles (left) by French Patchwork featured a nice double page spread and QuiltMania stated how Ian has been setting the art world alight as well as comparing his work to Hopper.

Ian received great reviews from both the public and the press from his appearance in the South of France. Here Les Novelles (left) by French Patchwork featured a nice double page spread and QuiltMania stated how Ian has been setting the art world alight as well as comparing his work to Hopper.

It was also a great way to travel with the work with Biarritz and the surrounding area a beautiful place to visit. The event was packed with many talented and committed people and filled with volunteers that did the event proud.

In the September Ian was an invited featured artist at Le Carrefour Européen du Patchwork in Alsace, France. For its 24th event Ian impressed the Twenty Thousand plus crowd with his work all made in denim. It was a great event and one where the booth was consistently full of people, taking pictures and trying to get autographs and selfies with Ian.

The booth was consistently busy. On the right, people watching the films by Ian Berry.

The booth was consistently busy. On the right, people watching the films by Ian Berry.

Showing in one part the My Beautiful Launderette installation where people could interact and walk into it. The other part hosted part of Behind Closed Doors the emotionally charged body of work first shown in London at the end of 2016. Most viewers were more interested in the construction of the works and with so many people at the stand the emotional aspect was sometimes lost. That said, the poem on the wall, by Ian's sister, Fiona, drew a large response and many tears.

The event spanned four days and the first three Ian's area had consistently at least three or four dozen people in, sometimes up to a hundred. On the last day, it was a bit quieter with only a dozen people in at one time and it was intriguing how many more comments were given about the content of the work, not just the style and technique. Many commented how they saw themselves in the work.

Ian was housed in an area with fellow artists Mirjam Pet-Jacobs - the award winning Dutch artist who like Ian is interested in how people communicate and interact. This museum standard show was a highlight for Ian to see. Alongside Mirjam's show was the work curated by Nancy Crow with by the Dairy Barn from Ohio. This internationally acclaimed artist is noted to be one of the leading figures of the quilt art movement of the 70's and 80's. SAQA was next to Ian and they had developed this exhibition in collaboration with the Stratford Perth Museum, Stratford, Ontario, Canada and featured many Canadian artists. A handful of which captured Ian's eye. The team there were great to be next to. We wish Lisa Walton all the success in her role as the new president and to carry on this organisations great work.

And last but certainly not least, was Ian's old friend Luke Haynes who have known one another for several years. Luke is a superstar in the quilting world and had reached out to Ian as far back as 2011 and they have been friends since. It was great to see so many of his works all in one place. He had collaborated with some other artists on these pieces. With the impact Luke and Ian had on the event it was hard for people to be not drawn in to their gender.

many school children came around and seemed to be impressed with Ian's work.

many school children came around and seemed to be impressed with Ian's work.

It was also great for Ian to meet some people who had followed his work for several years. This included people like journalists Alie Dijk, Astrid Franchet and Katell Renon who have written about Ian several times before. The interesting thing however is how they all saw the work differently to how they had done before. This is great to get so many people to see the work in real life.

Ian didn't get chance to really get out of the booth to see anything else, but did manage to see Andrée Leblanc's work who he was deeply impressed with and Paula Nadelstern's quilts inspired by the bilateral symmetry of kaleidoscopic images. Léa Stansal quirky work brought many smiles while he was sad not to get to see Willy Doreleijers's show, The Tentmakers of Cairo and his friends Val Holmes among others..

For Ian, not used to showing in this context it was strange for his gender to be brought up. It's only since showing with other textile artists has it. Now in hindsight, in this world we now see it is easier for males to stand out, but really we think that the work should stand for itself, regardless of gender or any other factor.

The only positive to this he takes from this, is that he hopes young children, and boys can see what can be achieved.

The Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace wrote very highly about Ian's work. Desctibing his work and the attention he got - as well as being a male in this woman dominated world. For those who know French, this was a very nice phrase to be given..  'Chaque édition a son chouchou... Cette année, c’est Ian Berry qui remporte la palme.'

The Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace wrote very highly about Ian's work. Desctibing his work and the attention he got - as well as being a male in this woman dominated world. For those who know French, this was a very nice phrase to be given..

'Chaque édition a son chouchou... Cette année, c’est Ian Berry qui remporte la palme.'

Quilt en Sud stood out by its friendly army of volunteers while at Carrefour it really felt like an event the whole region got behind with the event taking over many venues over many of the towns and one that the media got behind.

After two successful trips to France, it sets up Ian nicely to show again in the Textile world again during Quilt Week in Paducah, Kentucky next April as the guest artist. One of the highlight events of the year in the industry. You can read about Ian in the latest edition of American Quilter.


April 18 – 21, 2018 • Wed.–Fri., 9am–6pm, Sat., 9am–4pm
Schroeder Expo Center • 415 Park Avenue, Paducah, KY 42001

But before then two stops in the USA, with New York Denim Days coming up this weekend and Miami Basel Week in December. Watch out for more information.

And will you see Ian quilt or sew in future? Maybe so.

Ian Berry to show at New York Denim Days 2017 by Ian Berry


Ian Berry will be one of the founding exhibitors of New York Denim Days. The new event launching after three years of the festival being in Amsterdam will now have a spin off in the Big Apple, on Sept. 29 – Oct. 1.

Ian was also at the inaugural Amsterdam event in 2014, and again in 2015 and is pleased to be a part of this new event after seeing it grow from strength to strength in Amsterdam. He is looking forward to seeing it with a New York spin in this the worlds greatest city.

New York’s first Denim Days, initiated by House of Denim and organized by Modefabriek is in collaboration with Kingpins Show.

“If I close my eyes to imagine the best denim event in the world, it would be here in NYC, where I live, and it would all be about cool brands with booths, run by people who care and are passionate aboutwhat they do—whether it’s indigo dyeing or repairing jeans, embroidering them or selling you their cool brands,” Andrew Olah, founder of the Kingpins Show and co-founder of New York Denim Days

Amy Leverton of Denim Dudes and Samuel Trotman of WGSN at the Amsterdam Denim Days 2014 with Ian Berry's News Stand.

Amy Leverton of Denim Dudes and Samuel Trotman of WGSN at the Amsterdam Denim Days 2014 with Ian Berry's News Stand.

While Ian has shown all over the states and will be in Miami in December, its only th second time his works can be seen in New York, for the artist who was named a top 30 artist under 30 in the world. His works need to be seen to beleived and we are glad we can now show a brand new audience at Denim Days new york.


More about the Fair
29 September — 01 October Metropolitan Pavillion
After three years of watching from afar as European denim geeks reveled in their indigo obsessions during Amsterdam Denim Days, American denimheads will finally get to do the same. New York Denim Days will bring the denim festival concept stateside.

New York Denim Days will connect denim insiders, designers and brands to denim consumers on the Denim Days festival.

This indigo-soaked two-day shopping event at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea will include interactive displays, indigo dyeing workshops, new denim designers as well as established brands, and denim mills alongside in-store events, a vintage denim market, parties, DJ’s and panels – all geared to give consumers access to their denim heroes and heritage brands.

A one-day street bazaar will take place outside the Metropolitan Pavilion on October 1 and will include food, live entertainment, games, art, selfie stations, and more! This festival is for denim heads, fashionistas, foodies, families, tourists, teens, tweens, and of course, all New Yorkers who are true-blue denim lovers.

Ian Berry will show some of his Behind Closed Doors work to the New York Denim Days public

Ian Berry will show some of his Behind Closed Doors work to the New York Denim Days public


Sept. 29:

FIT Denim Talks (invite only)

Katie Murphy Amphitheater at FIT

227 West 27th Street


Sept 30 – Oct 1: Denim Days Festival
Metropolitan Pavilion|  125 West 18th Street

Oct. 1: Denim Days Street Festival

West 18th Street – between 6th Ave. and 7th Ave.


Passes to New York Denim Days are now available HERE

“Denim Days will be our Woodstock,”

said Adriano Goldschmied, the godfather of denim.





Ian Berry in France by Ian Berry

Ian was interviewed for French channel TLVA by Amandine the morning of the show. This was no set up, the scenes you see all happened, and continued throughout the show. Thanks you to all that came and brought so much warmth and excitement toward Ian's work.

These are some of the translations.

This man isn't a rock star but you could believe it seeing all those women asking for an autograph or taking a selfie with him. This Englishman with a lively and intelligent look is an artist from London, young and handsome which adds to his so British charm. He got invited to this 23rd edition… to show his art.

At the first look these monochrome pictures make you think of oil painting but you realize quickly that the depth of these compositions and the variations of blue remind us that his
painting is just denim; a story that started when he found an old pair of trousers.

Ian talks

Before becoming this artist much on fashion, Ian was a graphic designer. Nowadays he is not making quilts but real pictures with glue and of course denim. He belongs to these modern street art artists and so contemporary. He likes taking pictures to draw them afterwards. What inspires him are advertising posters, architecture of some places or streets of London.

Ian speaks

His work is a real allegory of our contemporary life. Denim being whats most worn on earth and
most popular in each socio-cultural class, its normal that Ian's artworks echo that.

Ian Berry showing at Carrefour Européen du Patchwork by Ian Berry

Europeen patchwork

Ian will show at the Carrefour Européen du Patchwork 2017 in Espace des Tisserands in Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines in the Alsace region of France open on the 14 -17 September.

It will be a great chance for many people to see his work up close and personal as he makes very rare appearances, and his work needs to be seen to be truly understood.

Well into his second decade, Ian started from a different route to traditional Textile Art, and only in the last several years has the Textile Art World and Ian Berry crossed. He has been invited as a special guest to many events, and here now at the EPMshow he has taken the chance to show in this context. It will be a great chance for many Textile enthusiasts to see his work, which, often defies description.

While mainly a Quilting event, Ian is not a quilter but will follow in the footsteps of Fraser Smith, Birgitte Busk, Malin Lager and the tent makers of Cairo as being an invited non traditional quilter working with fiber art.

Ian will show his Behind Closed Doors body of work as well as the My Beautiful Launderette installation.

The 23rd European Patchwork meeting will open from Thursday, September 14 to Sunday, September 17, 2017 in the Val d'Argent, in the heart of Alsace

More than 20,000 visitors come every year to discover the art of patchwork in whatever form thanks to thirty exhibitions by internationally renowned artists. This event, of an original concept, has become a reference event in the field of traditional and contemporary patchwork and the art of quilt.

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 11.34.35.png



Ian Berry in GQ in Spain and Italy September issue by Ian Berry


GQ have been good to Ian over the years, first featuring him online as far back as 2013 in South Africa, then Brazil in 2014. Last year he was printed in GQ GB and here in both Italia and España. 

In the Italian issue it was reported by Paola Montanaro (translated from Italian)

The art of Ian Berry transforming jeans into masterpieces

His creations have a palette that exploits all the nuances of denim, his canvases tell stories of everyday life, or travels started a while ago. Like that of Pepe Jeans London, which has supported the art of the young English artist immediately.

Use denim as it is painting, to transform it into matter through which tell stories of everyday life. Part of this is the work of the young English artist Ian Berry, who has entered the world chart of 30 top artists under thirty years. His meticulous work consists in transforming denim artwork by exploiting all the many shades of jeans cloth to create his own palette of colors, and to transform ordinary scenes in masterpieces. As he tells himself: "The starting point is to find an interesting scene on which to build and tell a story. It could be someone sitting in a laundry room, a single girl in a bar ... any reality or situation, even the most banal, which will then turn into something very special. "

It's normal that his creativity and originality did not go unnoticed in the eyes of a brand that shares his values nd has his own denim in the heart: Pepe Jeans London. Between the artist and the brand was born a very high level synergy that led the London brand to donate their denim to use for his works of art. In addition to supporting Berry's work, the brand has also decided to host Berry's canvases in its stores around the world. In particular at the opening of the Regent Street shop, the artist created an ad hoc opera: a journey into the history of Pepe Jeans from origins at Portobello Road, where the brand was born in 1973.

And some quotes from España

Throughout the history of art, many of its protagonists have been meant to take their obsessions to the last consequences .... In the 21st century, we continue to admire artists who turn their conceptual and material concerns into the vertebral axes of their Works, our latest discovery Ian Berry.

ending with - Ian Berry, a young talent who has made denim a powerful artifact to convey emotions.