Media and Collaborations



After years of taking in many emails, we have taken the decision to put a few FAQs about the many questions commonly asked questions.

Would you like image permission?

For online

If you are a blog or news-site and would like to use Ian's story and images from his website you can without permission as long as you credit www.ianberry.art and if posting on social media, apply the corresponding handle and his name, Ian Berry.

Please do not change the artwork or crop it without permission.


Please ask for permission to print at maildenimu@gmail.com

This way we can provide you with Hi Res images of Ian's work. Please credit ianberry.art

Commercial Use

Please ask for any commercial use possibilities at maildenimu@gmail.com

If you are a brand or event agreement must be sought to be able to use.

Would you like to interview Ian Berry?

Please contact maildenimu@gmail.com

If sending questions please send thoughtful questions and not generic open ones. There are many requests for interviews and they take time and he himself wants to do them well. Please consider Ian's time.

Are you an event?

Ian has over the years has been asked to show at many events outside the art world, from trade shows, quilt fairs and for advertising purposes. Please remember Ian is a full time working artist and his time is valuable. If you feel your event and proposal is suitable for a professional artist, please contact maildenimu@gmail.com

Would you like a commission?

Ian loves that a whole rage of people like his work. Most of his work is self initiated and most commissions are gratefully declined. He is however open to suitable commissions that fit into his work.

Are you a denim mill or Denim trade show?

No Trade Fairs, Please.