Ian Berry in Denim Book / by Ian Berry

Ian has been included in Denim Manufacture, Finishing and Applications by Woodhead Publishing and Edited by Roshan Paul. You can get it on Amazon 

The Book says |

Denim: Manufacture, Finishing and Applications provides exhaustive coverage of denim manufacture, jeans washing, novel applications and environmental impacts. It also contains information on the history and social influence of denim, and includes the details relevant to the fashion and apparel industry. The topics covered are comprehensive with contributions from experts the world over, and the book is offered as an authentic reference book for any relevant information on denim.

    • Provides a thorough review of denim manufacturing and jeans washing technologies
    • Includes details relevant to the fashion and apparel industry while maintaining a high level of technological content on spinning, dyeing, weaving, garments, washing, finishing and other applications
    • Includes several contributions from industry experts

    "This go to denim guide and authentic reference book covers denim aspects from jean washing to environmental impacts. The history and social influence of denim are included…"

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