Ian Berry to be seen on social media around the World / by Ian Berry

I think we are just finding for ourselves the power of social media. Normally just getting our head down and getting the work done. Possibly sometimes with more of a view on the mainstream big name media we now see what can happen with facebook and the like. With Bored Panda's post over two of their sites reaching 10 million views (yes, 10,000,000) we look here at just some of the others ones - mainly specifically geared to countries or languages but just the ones here have combined well over a million views.

Now back to work

Here in Italian Guard Che Video posted this clip about Ian's work with going on to 125k views

Spanish language Circo Viral reached 50,000 views 

And it even reached India, here with the International Business Times

to add to these

Going on half a million saw French language Pause Cafein see this video on Ian Berry

Over 45,000 views on Go Creative

Higher Perspective's post reached 300,000 views and had much positive comments.

and Over 200,000 saw Radio Lebanon's post along with many others