Ian Berry in Selfridges & Co London / by Ian Berry

Ian Berry in the Denim Studio in Selfridges

London based artist Ian Berry is currently showing in Selfridges and Co on London’s Oxford Street.

On the 3rd Floor in the world’s largest Denim Section in the ‘Denim Studio’ you’ll find a mini exhibition of Ian’s work that recently showed at the London Art Fair. Showing the new body of work based on the Hollywood Roosevelt in LA. The famed hotel that held the first Oscars is also where David Hockney painted the base of the pool.

The stand has a touch of his Secret Garden installation, with a trellis of flowers and foliage hanging down all made out of denim.

Time lapse of the making of overnight in Selfridges London

The Roosevelt Hotel, LA

The Roosevelt Hotel, LA

Ian’s mini exhibition is to coincide with the Bright New Things program that Selfridges runs to promote sustainability with style with upcoming brands. Ian Berry’s recycled denim masterpieces demonstrates this message and is a theme across the promoted sustainable companies. From swimwear made out of regenerated ocean fishnets, sneakers made from recycled materials and, of course, vintage denim repurposed to make new stylish and fitted pairs with fellow East London designer, Anna Foster with E.L.V. Denim.

Ian Berry’s Self Portrait in London’s Selfridges

Ian Berry’s Self Portrait in London’s Selfridges

Ian says:

‘I’m proud to be a part of a growing denim community here in London where sustainability, quality, as well as positive ethics are at the heart of everything. Since moving back to London I found a really authentic community of talented designers, brands, stores and even a new mill that makes denim here in the UK (OK that’s in Lancashire)’

‘It’s fantastic to be a part of this great community, with people like Mohsin Sajid with Endrime, Snake and Dagger and many more - too many to name - but one of the common threads throughout them all is how Blackhorse Lane Atelier is so central to them and it’s great that they have a factory here in London that is the only craft jean maker in London.’

Denim Designer Anna Foster used the factory in Walthamstow to make her denim out of reused vintage jeans, which cut out the journey time and therefore the carbon footprint. Each jean is made up of two halves of vintage jeans, and is therefore entirely unique in its colour and fit. By reusing denim, it cuts the water intake and obviously breathes new life into something that could have been destined for landfill. E.L.V Denim operates from an ideal of ‘no waste’ and she creates her jeans with barely any environmental impact.

Anna says

I love denim, but not only that I’m passionate about the idea of reusing this functional fabric and reworking it into new styles.’

Ian Berry Selfridges

Ian Berry with the display in Selfridges.

Ian adds

When I started my work, it wasn’t really the sustainable message I was going with although I was a big follower of Al Gore when I started recycling denim. I used it because I felt it is the material of our time and I portray contemporary life. In the last few years sustainability is the new buzz word, which is on one side great - but only when it is used authentically, and not just for marketing. Of course I’m now happy that people talk of me in the way that my work portrays a sustainable message and it can make people think, but while I obviously care for the environment and over the years realised how bad a denim past has been its was never the core reason behind my work. People like Anna and Han at Blackhorse Lane really live and breathe that message and are doing a great job.