Ian Berry

Ian Berry supports Jeans for Genes charity by Ian Berry

Ian Berry with Newton Faulkner and Laura Pattison of Jeans for Genes at an event in their honour at Catto Gallery

Ian Berry with Newton Faulkner and Laura Pattison of Jeans for Genes at an event in their honour at Catto Gallery

Jeans for Genes Day is the annual fundraising campaign for Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity that supports individuals and families affected by a genetic disorder and Ian Berry is one of their ambassadors and hosted a party for their benefit at the Catto Gallery in London.

Monies raised by Jeans for Genes Day fund the work of the charity and provide grants to organisations for projects that aim to transform the lives of children with genetic disorders.

While their main week falls in September, they are working tirelessly all year round with many events, as well as selling the tee shirts - like the new Batman collaboration with Warner Brothers. Ian’s event is another example of how people support the cause throughout the year.

Jeans for Genes tees

Ian Berry modelled the shirts that you can buy here and the special Batman shirts for children are only £9, here. This years Jeans for Genes Day covers the week of Mon 16th to Fri 20th September 2019, so get your workplace or school to join the program.

Ian’s event at the Catto Gallery on Thursday 25th July was a fun night, where Danish Gin makers Kongsgaard Raw Gin provided refreshments, much needed on the hottest day of the year, they also showed their newly designed Limited Edition bottles by Ian Berry.

Ian Berry with Kelly Harrington at the event

Ian Berry with Kelly Harrington at the event

For one time only, Ian allowed some of the individual albums from the Record Store to be sold off in aid for the charity as well as the Limited Edition bottles.

The night was capped off by a special performance by Newton Faulkner.


Newton needs little introduction. The English singer-songwriter and musician known for his percussive style of guitar playing In 2007 his debut studio album Hand Built by Robots was certified double platinum in the United Kingdom. The album topped the UK Albums Chart in August 2007. From that album he played "Dream Catch Me" as well as rounded off with Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.

Ian Said ‘Having Newton perform was extra special, as in 2007 and ‘08 he was the soundtrack to my summers when I lived in Australia. I was working with denim when I left for Australia but it was there I decided to not do ‘the day job’ and concentrate on my art. So it has great memories. I loved that everyone got involved and enjoyed the night and took part with him singing.’

Ian presenting Newton Faulkner to the crowd

Ian presenting Newton Faulkner to the crowd

The event capped off a successful month for the artist after a sell out show and one that was named a ‘Must See’ by the Londonist and ‘Top seven show in London in July’ by Fad magazine' and filmed for BBC. Follow for more stories for what is coming in a very exciting 2019 for Ian Berry.

newton Faulkner ian berry

You can see more of the brilliant photos by Alex Springer \ VR Agency here

To donate to Jeans for Genes you can click here or if you would like to set up your school or workplace to the program to have your own Jeans for Genes Day follow the links.

Ian Berry on DW Euromaxx by Ian Berry

Watch the report on Ian Berry’s art in denim  here

Watch the report on Ian Berry’s art in denim here

Ian Berry is on DW Euromaxx which is shown in many different countries and languages around the world. Antje Binder visited Ian in his London studio as well as them visiting Selfridges & Co in London where Ian was having an installation that shows his art in denim. You can watch the report on his denim art here.

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Ian Berry at the London Art Fair 2019 by Ian Berry

Tom Roosevelt Hockney

Ian will show a new body of work at the London Art Fair with the Catto Gallery at booth G38 this January. Based on his last years trip to LA and the Roosevelt Hotel.

Tom Roosevelt detail Lod angeles


16 – 20 JANUARY 2019

London Art Fair provides a space to showcase the most exceptional modern and contemporary art of our time, to discover and to buy. The Fair is an established destination for both museum quality modern and contemporary work, nurturing collecting at all levels, from prints and editions, to major works by internationally renowned artists. To enable engagement with art, we continue to provide access to talks, tours, screenings and curated spaces, which include Photo50, our annual exhibition of contemporary photography; Art Projects, which features large-scale installations, solo shows and group displays; and – within Art Projects – Dialogues, a guest-curated section of Art Projects intended to encourage and foster relationships between home and abroad.

London Art Fair is an unmissable opening to the international art calendar, with the next edition taking place from 16-20 January 2019 [Preview Evening 15 January].

London Art Fair Aims

We believe that great art provides a lens to see the world through. That’s why every year London Art Fair connects the best galleries from around the world with both seasoned and aspiring collectors, providing a unique opportunity to discover and champion the most outstanding modern and contemporary art of our time.

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Business Design Centre
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Ian Berry showing during Art Basel Miami by Ian Berry

photo by Austin Horton

photo by Austin Horton

Ian Berry is in Miami this week and shows a body of work based on the Deuce Bar.

‘I have been to Miami several times during Art Basel and this time I wanted to do something specific to Miami. I’d thought about what to do and as I spent my time going around the fairs I saw little of Miami on previous trips - other than the ‘Deuce’. I had already done my bars and pubs, mainly in London. It’s a perfect place to do in my body of works as it a bastion of a time past while much changes around, not always for the better…’ Ian said.

The oldest Bar in Miami opened in 1926 and was owned-run by Mac Klein –since 1964. Its ‘laid-back ambiance, rustic decor, pool table’ & cigarette haze (yeh you can smoke inside) jukebox making this South Beach institution a local hangout, and during Art Basel week, a place for artists, dealers and collectors to take a break - often well into the early hours.

The changing Fabric of our urban environment

In a city that changes like an indecisive chameleon, an island always for sale to the highest bidder, Mac’s joint has remained a pristine, neon-lit paradise untouched by outside forces and this continues Ian’s interest in documenting places that are at the heart of communities while all else changes.

Miami Vice threw its cast party here. Playboy named it one of the “best dive bars” (2010) in America. And Anthony Bourdain said it was one of his favorite spots in the world.

I wanted to portray the bar but there is so much to it, and I wanted to do both the inside and out, the outside with the Neon Lights scream Miami and well, I like the challenge of showing how lights hit things on the inside and a sucker for punishment with all the details in the mirror’

In an aptly titled 1989 Miami Herald article, the headline read All Kinds Make a Merry Mix At Mac’s Club Deuce which demonstrated the complete eclectic clientele the bar gets, where literally all kinds go in. Mac himself called it the Shangri-La of South Beach and these are just two of the titles of Ian’s work.

Mac died aged 101 in 2016 but his legacy lives on, almost unchanged.

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Mac’s Club Deuce
222 14th Street, Miami Beach, FL 33139

See the work at

Scope Art Fair

Miami Beach Pavilion, 801 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Booth A11 Red Truck Gallery

Soho Records Installation in London by Ian Berry

photo by  Opal Turner

photo by Opal Turner

Smallest Gallery in Soho

62 Dean Street | Soho | London | W1D 4QF

on until Jan 20

You can now see Ian Berry’s exhibition 24 hours a day in London’s Soho. On view at the Smallest Gallery in Soho, a curated space in the heart of London and made to be viewed from the window. You’ll see albums, tees and jackets and even a denim vinyl player but as fun as the show may be, it’s also a comment on the declining high street.

While the location in Soho is perfect as its famed for the music industry, as well as many famous record stores - many only in memory now. He also gives a nod to the connection to the music industry and denim.

Photo by  Sadia Rafique

Photo by Sadia Rafique

From the Curators Phil Levine and Andreia Costa

The Smallest Gallery in Soho presents ‘Soho Records’ by Ian Berry who is known for his works made just out of denim. Berry has turned the gallery into a unique vintage record store in a response to the ever-changing high street. Look closely and you’ll see at the heart of it is an acute observation of ‘communities’ and how they have changed. Where now we would meet for coffee, many in the past from the music community and like minded people would meet at a record store.

The space is filled with record covers, tee shirts, records and framed albums. Many have a connection to Soho and the story of denim. Music and denim have gone together through time. With acts and genres ranging from Elvis to heavy metal, Bob Dylan and punk, the pioneers of youth music have worn jeans. Many famous album covers of all time feature this artisan fabric.

Last year, 4.1 million vinyl records were sold in the UK, almost 1 million more than 2016, and a 12-fold increase on the levels seen in 2011. Fashion and music have always been inherently entwined together in society. Gone are the days of Virgin Megastore, HMV, Our Price, Woolworths and Tower Records where you would see such musical covers projected onto our streets. Yet it is an ode to the constant underground that music is always around and reinventing itself, as well as our lives.

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photo by Sadia Rafique

photo by Sadia Rafique

About The Smallest Gallery in Soho
The Smallest Gallery in Soho is a historic shop-front which faces onto Dean Street, in the heart of Soho. The aim of this intimate gallery is to display artwork that captures people’s attention on their journey through Soho and encourage them to stop, think and be inspired. It hopes to transcend the rapid changes of building developments and the dispersion of the creative cohort — that was once so vibrant within the area — by exhibiting free and engaging art works to view from the street.

The space was established by The Garage Soho, an early stage investor company that champions brand building and creativity.

Moira Rizopoulos (@moirarizo)

Philip Levine (@philiplevine)
Andreia Costa (@a_m_da_costa)

Lighting Design @Syntaxlighting

Venue @thegaragesoho

Supporters @cocolightingltd @conedenim @tonelloslr & ArchitectualFX

Ian Berry Back on BBC London with Jo Good by Ian Berry

Jo Good

On Wednesday 23rd of May Ian will be back on the Jo Good show on BBC Radio London. Jo covered Ian's exhibition in 2016 and her enthusiasm was infectious, so much so when asked many people who came to the show said they's come off the back of the interview - an amazing success from a non visual radio.

Jo will have Ian back on to talk about his new book, Ian Berry | Denim on Denim tomorrow you can listen on BBC RADIO London at 2pm