Ian Berry in France by Ian Berry

Ian was interviewed for French channel TLVA by Amandine the morning of the show. This was no set up, the scenes you see all happened, and continued throughout the show. Thanks you to all that came and brought so much warmth and excitement toward Ian's work.

These are some of the translations.

This man isn't a rock star but you could believe it seeing all those women asking for an autograph or taking a selfie with him. This Englishman with a lively and intelligent look is an artist from London, young and handsome which adds to his so British charm. He got invited to this 23rd edition… to show his art.

At the first look these monochrome pictures make you think of oil painting but you realize quickly that the depth of these compositions and the variations of blue remind us that his
painting is just denim; a story that started when he found an old pair of trousers.

Ian talks

Before becoming this artist much on fashion, Ian was a graphic designer. Nowadays he is not making quilts but real pictures with glue and of course denim. He belongs to these modern street art artists and so contemporary. He likes taking pictures to draw them afterwards. What inspires him are advertising posters, architecture of some places or streets of London.

Ian speaks

His work is a real allegory of our contemporary life. Denim being whats most worn on earth and
most popular in each socio-cultural class, its normal that Ian's artworks echo that.

Ian Berry showing at Carrefour Européen du Patchwork by Ian Berry

Europeen patchwork

Ian will show at the Carrefour Européen du Patchwork 2017 in Espace des Tisserands in Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines in the Alsace region of France open on the 14 -17 September.

It will be a great chance for many people to see his work up close and personal as he makes very rare appearances, and his work needs to be seen to be truly understood.

Well into his second decade, Ian started from a different route to traditional Textile Art, and only in the last several years has the Textile Art World and Ian Berry crossed. He has been invited as a special guest to many events, and here now at the EPMshow he has taken the chance to show in this context. It will be a great chance for many Textile enthusiasts to see his work, which, often defies description.

While mainly a Quilting event, Ian is not a quilter but will follow in the footsteps of Fraser Smith, Birgitte Busk, Malin Lager and the tent makers of Cairo as being an invited non traditional quilter working with fiber art.

Ian will show his Behind Closed Doors body of work as well as the My Beautiful Launderette installation.

The 23rd European Patchwork meeting will open from Thursday, September 14 to Sunday, September 17, 2017 in the Val d'Argent, in the heart of Alsace

More than 20,000 visitors come every year to discover the art of patchwork in whatever form thanks to thirty exhibitions by internationally renowned artists. This event, of an original concept, has become a reference event in the field of traditional and contemporary patchwork and the art of quilt.

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