Ian Berry in GQ in Spain and Italy September issue by Ian Berry


GQ have been good to Ian over the years, first featuring him online as far back as 2013 in South Africa, then Brazil in 2014. Last year he was printed in GQ GB and here in both Italia and España. 

In the Italian issue it was reported by Paola Montanaro (translated from Italian)

The art of Ian Berry transforming jeans into masterpieces

His creations have a palette that exploits all the nuances of denim, his canvases tell stories of everyday life, or travels started a while ago. Like that of Pepe Jeans London, which has supported the art of the young English artist immediately.

Use denim as it is painting, to transform it into matter through which tell stories of everyday life. Part of this is the work of the young English artist Ian Berry, who has entered the world chart of 30 top artists under thirty years. His meticulous work consists in transforming denim artwork by exploiting all the many shades of jeans cloth to create his own palette of colors, and to transform ordinary scenes in masterpieces. As he tells himself: "The starting point is to find an interesting scene on which to build and tell a story. It could be someone sitting in a laundry room, a single girl in a bar ... any reality or situation, even the most banal, which will then turn into something very special. "

It's normal that his creativity and originality did not go unnoticed in the eyes of a brand that shares his values nd has his own denim in the heart: Pepe Jeans London. Between the artist and the brand was born a very high level synergy that led the London brand to donate their denim to use for his works of art. In addition to supporting Berry's work, the brand has also decided to host Berry's canvases in its stores around the world. In particular at the opening of the Regent Street shop, the artist created an ad hoc opera: a journey into the history of Pepe Jeans from origins at Portobello Road, where the brand was born in 1973.

And some quotes from España

Throughout the history of art, many of its protagonists have been meant to take their obsessions to the last consequences .... In the 21st century, we continue to admire artists who turn their conceptual and material concerns into the vertebral axes of their Works, our latest discovery Ian Berry.

ending with - Ian Berry, a young talent who has made denim a powerful artifact to convey emotions.