Ian Interview on Carved in Blue by Ian Berry

carved in blue

Ian had an interview with one of the leading Denim industry websites.

Run by the Lenzing Group who have a long history rooted in sustainability. They manufacture plant producing wood pulp and viscose fibers, down a path of eco-conscious innovation to become the world’s largest producer of TENCEL®   

With environmental responsibility at the forefront of consumer consciousness and denim’s popularity back in full force, they launched Carved in Blue, a blog that delves into the inner workings and innovations of the denim industry.

Lenzing is the world market leader in high-quality wood-based cellulose fibers. All their fibers are branded, TENCEL®, Lenzing Modal®, and Lenzing Viscose®, and each have their place in denim, upgrading its comfort, performance or sustainability.

They say:
"The meaning of Carved in Blue is whatever you want it to be, whatever you visualize about the denim business and is personal to you. Our inspiration originated from the phrase ‘carved in stone’—it represents our permanent and absolute position as a fixture in the past, the present and future of denim. Our fibers are woven into the denim tales that Carved in Blue will tell."

Find out what Ian answered 'What does Carved in Blue mean to you?'

You can read the interview here