Vivianne Westwood

Eunice Olumide Portrait by Ian Berry by Ian Berry

Ian Berry has made a portrait of super model of Eunice Olumide for the Exhibition 'Switch', apart of the Switch event at Fabric, where Vivanne Westwood presents a night for the charity Fuel Poverty Action.

Fuel Poverty Action is grassroots campaign taking action against mammoth fuel bills and working towards an affordable, sustainable and democratic energy system. Eunice is very much a campaigner for this and was behind this event.

The exhibition is in collaboration with GCU and The Body Shop and can be found at the Clerkenwell London.


SWITCH at Fabric

6 January 2017

There is one truly political act you can make as an individual or a group - Switch to GREEN ENERGY. Stop the demand for burning fossil fuels and further fracking and make choices that stop climate change.

These are the messages that activist and British icon Vivienne Westwood will be giving to an audience of 900 people at the iconic nightspot, Fabric.

Taking place on Monday 20th February from 19:00 to midnight during London Fashion Week, the event follows the successful Climate Revolution event held last September at The Box nightclub, London, and is a continuation of the activist’s ongoing movement opposing the current political, economic and social dogma.

The night will be a celebration of culture and conscious environmental activism, speakers on the night include Vivienne Westwood, James Jagger (Project Zero) and green energy supplier, Ecotricity’s founder, Dale Vince. To get the party started will be an exclusive DJ set by ‘A Guy Called Gerald’ and other special guest DJ’s.

Dale Vince, founder of Ecotricity, says “We can solve fuel poverty if we invest in renewable energy as a country and harness our indigenous and 'free' energy supplies”.

Vivienne adds “Importantly, the Big 6 energy companies – most of whom are anti-environment and anti-life - will be delivered a fatal blow, with more and more people switching to green energy suppliers”.

A percentage will be donated to Fuel Poverty Action: