Heritage Post Features Ian Berry by Ian Berry

Ian Berry is featured in this months Heritage Post the magazine for men's lifestyle. It's always great to be in a magazine, even better to be in ones we read! A big thank you to the magazine and Stefanie Kobayashi and Joachim Kurz there. Ian has been featured in many magazines around the world, but this one is one of the best designed features so far, so, we are proud to share this one here. 

The article leaves you with this conclusion.

'Clearly, Ian Berry is an artist with a great future ahead of him – simply because he is aware of the values of the past and the fleeting nature of our lives, always managing to allow this knowledge to flow into his art.'


My Beautiful Laundrette by Ian Berry

The installation My Beautiful laundrette would not have been possible without many amazing contributions from many talented people.

The first to mention is Luke Aan De Wiel, an experienced model maker, set builder, prop maker and all round top human being.

His work has predominantly consisted of providing creative, beautifully crafted solutions to the advertising industry (both stills and TV), the film and music industries. He has also worked extensively in the exhibition and editorial worlds.

He collaborated here with Ian Berry to make the washing machines for the laundrette and also helped with the installation.

Then of course there are the jeans, Pepe Jeans London have supplied many for Ian to work with over the last few years, of which he particularly likes using the washes from denim Pepe sends. 


On the dryers, you may see Ian has tried a new technique. While known for his handcrafted, painstaking work cutting up pieces of denim, here Ian experimented with the super creative talented Moreno De Angelis to try lasering the denim to get the reflections of the washing machines opposite. Moreno is at the Iskoteca lab in Italy and is a creative genius with laundry methods as a brilliant chemist. This is a technology Ian is wishing to pursue with seeing the full potential and possibilities

A massive thanks to all.